Kris Jenner Filmed Kim Kardashian’s Baby’s Birth

Kris Jenner Filmed Kim Kardashian's Baby's Birth

When Kim Kardashian went into the delivery room to give birth to her first child with Kanye West, her mother along with the camera crew for Keeping Up With The Kardashians were all there for the occasion. When Kanye got there, he told the camera people to get lost, but allowed the momager free reign to film the birth for their family.

Basically Kris Jenner was allowed to take video of their daughter’s birth in order to share that with the rest of their family. Despite all of that, there really is no guarantee that Kim and Kanye’s daughter’s birth won’t be showed on their reality show.

Kris, Kim and their entire family are all known for chasing the dollar with no end in sight. They have all sold out precious moments from their lives for money on television. We’ve also learned that Kanye was a bit fussy about what he allowed Kris to film for later viewing.

He should know that she’s basically a vulture and would likely sell out their daughter’s first moments in the world for the right dollar amount. What do you think? Do you think the footage will end up on the show sometime soon? Was it just wishful thinking for Kris to want to keep something private? Share your thoughts below.

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