Kris Jenner Planning Revenge Marriage To Corey Gamble?

Kris Jenner Planning Revenge Marriage To Corey Gamble?

Now that Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) have gone their separate ways, Kris quickly latched onto 34-year-old boy toy Corey Gamble. Since Caitlyn Jenner has gone public with her need to have gender reassignment surgery, the world looked to Kris Jenner for comment. Kris refused to comment on Caitlyn’s interview with Diane Sawyer and later lied about it. Kris has allegedly been pushing for her newest squeeze to pop the question. Is Kris Jenner planning a revenge marriage to Corey Gamble?

Kris and Corey have been dating since November 2014 and it has been reported that she is planning on getting engaged to him in an effort to upset Caitlyn. A source said, “She swears it’s the real deal between her and Corey, but anyone can tell the poor guy’s being used. Kris figures she needs a man at her side right now, and she also needs to come across as a more human, ordinary person. She’s working out contracts and terms with Corey because she wants to get moving on this pretty quickly.”

What’s worse for her image is that she is quite upset at how she’s been portrayed in the media following Caitlyn Jenner’s revelation that she is a transgendered woman. Others have called out Kris Jenner for not being beautiful like Caitlyn, as well. Perhaps there is truth to the rumors that Kris is jealous over the media attention surrounding Caitlyn Jenner?

A source said, “All of a sudden, Kris’ hair and makeup people were always busy when she needed them – and she found out they’ve been working on Caitlyn in Malibu. Kris can’t believe Caitlyn stole her glam squad! She is the one who put together this team, and she is totally ticked off that Caitlyn shamelessly poached them!”

The source added, “The truth is, Kris is not a very nice person, so people much prefer working for Caitlyn, because there’s so much less stress and drama with her.”

Who would you rather work for in that scenario?

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