Kris Jenner Refuses Marriage Counseling With Bruce

Kris Jenner Refuses Marriage Counseling With Bruce

Kris Jenner has apparently refused to go to marriage counseling with her husband Bruce. She’s so stuck up and self-involved that it’s likely that she doesn’t even realize that there is a problem in their marriage. She doesn’t seem to get that he’s living in a separate house for a reason!

A source said, “Bruce wanted to go to marriage counseling with Kris several months ago. The marriage has been in trouble for a very long time, and had only continued to go downhill. Bruce and Kris have become more like roommates, and there is just no romance in the relationship.”

You know what they say…once the romance is gone, then what is left to work for?

The source continued, “Kris refused to go because she didn’t think anything was wrong and was happy with the status quo. She felt that it would just be a waste of time. This was one of the main reasons why Bruce got his own rental house in Malibu. If she didn’t want to work at the relationship, why should Bruce.”

Kris is really miffed that Bruce has left their shared compound for a beach pad and is desperate to cover up what’s really going on in their marriage. The source said, “Kris called Bruce on Thursday morning, and ordered him to give up the Malibu beach house, which he is now refusing to do. Kris doesn’t want him back in the house because she misses him, but to save face!”

We are not surprised by her reaction whatsoever. She’s so egocentric that she believes that the world must revolve around her. Otherwise why wouldn’t she already miss her husband if he’s been living 15 miles away?!?

The spy said, “It doesn’t look good to advertisers of her daytime talk show that Bruce isn’t living under the same roof. Kris goes to great lengths to say their reality brood is America’s first family, and that image just doesn’t fly if your husband is living less than 15 miles away in a different house! To say Bruce is enjoying living on his own without Kris’ constant nagging about his friends, and messiness, is an understatement!”

The source added, “He decided to ditch the family home because he was constantly being told to be quiet because of baby Nori. Bruce was unable to have his friends over to fly their remote controlled helicopters in the backyard because of concerns of noise.”

Should they work out their problems or are they doomed? Share your thoughts below.

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