Kris Jenner Threw A Frying Pan At Robert Kardashian

Kris Jenner Threw A Frying Pan At Robert Kardashian

Before Kris Jenner was momager to sex tape star Kim Kardashian, she apparently tossed a frying pan in the general direction of her former husband Robert Kardashian. Don’t you just love it when stuff like this comes out?

The Kardashian diaries are still leaking to the media in bits and pieces and this latest report suggests that Kris flew into a fit of rage and threw the pan at Robert! Reportedly, the outburst left Kourtney Kardashian “crying and shaking.”

According to the diaries, “Kourtney came downstairs, and she was terrified! She started crying and shaking.”

In another entry, he wrote about receiving a call from Kim, who was eight-years-old at the time. She was reportedly telling him about how her mother had lashed out at her. He said that Kim was “hysterical” and Kris interrupted the call by picking up the phone and screaming “Kim, if you don’t get up here right now, you are dead.”

He allegedly wrote, “Kourtney called me crying saying Mommy said it was her fault we were getting a divorce because she keeps calling me all the time.”

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