Kris Jenner Wants Kourtney Kardashian To Have A Circus-Themed Wedding

Kris Jenner Wants Kourtney Kardashian To Have A Circus-Themed Wedding

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick haven’t even decided if they ever want to get married, but her mother Kris Jenner is already plotting on the affair. According to reports, the momager wants the happy couple to get married and have a circus-themed wedding ceremony and reception. Talk about weird!

We can’t even imagine why Kris feels the need to butt into other people’s business like this and push off her own ideas of a fun wedding onto her daughter, but that is exactly what’s been happening. We say that if Kris wants a circus-themed wedding, then she should have one — but don’t go forcing other people to do it.

Kris is planning on amping up the drama for this season of the family’s reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and is organizing a bridal ceremony for Kourtney. She wants to take things a step even further and try to have Kourtney’s bridal ceremony outshine Kim’s wedding to rapper Kanye West in Florence, Italy.

Kris Jenner Wants Kourtney Kardashian To Have A Circus-Themed Wedding

Kanye and Kim really spared no expense and there were walls of flowers everywhere (just like his Mother’s Day gift to her…ugly). In addition, there was a performance by Andrea Bocelli who sang “Con te Partiró” as Kim walked down the aisle. Lana Del Ray also performed for the happy couple, of which we later learned that she charged them nothing.

A source said, “Kris is hoping Kourt’s wedding will save their show. She’s throwing around a crazy idea, like a circus theme with tigers and trapeze artists.”

Is their show that much in the toilet that Kris feels she needs to put the pressure on Kourtney and Scott to take the plunge? Our guess is yes considering how much thought has already been placed with this idea.

The source said, “She has suggested that after they announce the wedding date, Kourtney should walk out on Scott. Then he’ll have to win her back in time for the wedding.”

It seems that she has this season’s plot all worked out, if only she could get those crazy kids on board with her whole plan. The snitch added that Scott may feel like it’s his time to shine on the show since Kim is already out of the picture and Bruce and Kris have parted ways. The source said, “With Kim gone and Bruce halfway out the door, Scott has a chance to be a central star of the show, and that definitely appeals to him.”

What do you think of the idea of Kourtney and Scott sharing a circus theme for their wedding celebrations? Would that outdo what Kim and Kanye have done in their wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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