Kris Jenner Wants To Profit From Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner’s Romance

Kris Jenner Wants To Profit From Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner's Romance

If you’ve heard reports that Kris Jenner would go to the ends of the Earth just to get a dollar, then you’ve probably heard correctly. For someone who would reportedly sell out her own daughter (Kim’s sex tape…) for a shot at fame and fortune, it seems like small potatoes for her to chase the dollar to exploit Kendall Jenner’s relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles. But…that is Kris Jenner for you… It doesn’t matter how big of a payday she gets — as long as there is a payday to get.

Reportedly, that is the reason why Harry Styles has been warned to stay away from Kris — because she will try every means at her disposal to make a quick buck off of Kendall’s connection to Harry. A source revealed, “Kris will push them to do joint business ventures. She’ll make sure she benefits off them.”

Another source said, “People who date the Kardashians end up cursed. Harry is loved by people around the world and his friends don’t want Kris to sink her teeth into him.”

Can you blame them? That woman is a succubus. It’s too bad for Harry, though, because he has been talking to Kendall around thirty times a day and that means that Kris will eventually dig her claws in. Another source added, “They’re in that stage where they’re obsessed with each other and talk thirty times a day. She doesn’t tell her sisters much about the relationship, but she’s excited because she really likes Harry. It’s young love!”

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