Kris Jenner Worries About Bruce’s Closeness To Ex Linda Thompson

Kris Jenner Worries About Bruce's Closeness To Ex Linda Thompson

Kris Jenner and her husband Bruce are separated from one another, but apparently she is worried that he is getting closer and closer to his ex-wife, Linda Thompson.

Just recently, the former couple announced that they had separated after being married for 22 years. Now, she is concerned about him getting closer to Linda. It’s not like she hasn’t been getting closer to other guys, right? It just seems a shame that she has to start caring once he starts talking to other women…

A source said, “It’s been nearly thirty years since she [Linda] and Bruce were married, but Kris continues to bear a grudge. Friends say that, deep down, Kris has always feared Linda would come after Bruce or Bruce would cheat with Linda.”

The snitch added, “Bruce and Linda have been meeting for afternoon coffee dates and sunset walks on the beach. Kris blew up when she found out, and Bruce didn’t deny having feelings for Linda. She’s the one person who can drive Kris crazy with jealousy.”

Perhaps Kris needs to learn the true definition of separation? If she didn’t want him, then why was she looking around for some younger men and calling Bruce an “old man”?

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