Kris Jenner’s Nose Is Melting Off Of Her Face

Kris Jenner's Nose Is Melting Off Of Her Face

This is one of those ridiculous rumors that you just hope is true. According to the National Enquirer, Kris Jenner’s nose is melting away!

A source close to the momager said, “She hates how it looks. Her nose has completely lost its shape, and it’s collapsing from all the work she’s had done!”

An inside source told the tabloid, “Kris spends a good sixty minutes doing contour makeup to try and fix it. Even worse, she’s terrified she’s stuck with it because her doctor warned her years ago that if she kept getting nose jobs, her septum would never recover.”

A source close to Jenner said, “Aside from her tummy, Kris’ nose has always been her biggest insecurity. Kris even tried using a face brace so her nose doesn’t get squashed while she sleeps. Now she’s shopping for a doctor who thinks her nose is salvageable, because her fear is that one more operation will destroy it.”

Another spy said, “The problem is Kris has had too much work done, and the bridge of her nose is sinking – just like Michael’s did! She’s terrified it could be too late to save it.”

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