Kris Jenner’s Secret Affair With Ben Flajnik (Photo)

Kris Jenner's Secret Affair With Ben Flajnik (Photo)

Kardashian momager Kris Jenner is featured side-by-side with former star of The Bachelor Ben Flajnik. This story must have been fed to Us Weekly by Kris’ management team, because we’ve learned that Ben has already previously denied any hooking up with Kris. Shocker, right?

The cover screams “Bachelor Playboy: Secret Affair!”

Uh huh, we are NOT buying this BS at all! Are you?!? Is anyone really buying this load of crap that Kris is trying to feed us?

We’re guessing that she’s only putting this out there because she wants to be viewed as desirable in the eyes of the younger men that she so desperately wants to have a romance with? She’s weird, gross, and while rich, a total pain in the butt. She cleared out an entire department store just so that she could buy NOTHING. What’s not to love?

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