Kris Jenner’s Separation Is All PR Spin By Kris’ Team?

Kris Jenner's Separation Is All PR Spin By Kris' Team?

As with anything related to Kris Jenner or her ilk, it is completely possible that whatever is now leaking out to the media about her split from Bruce Jenner is all spin. In fact, we would go as far as saying that it is all a bunch of made up nonsense to make their crumbling marriage look like it’s all rosy. We’ve heard that everything that is coming out about how amicable their split has been is nothing but a ruse concocted by Kris’ team in order to generate buzz.

Even worse, this buzz is supposedly taking the focus off of Khloe Kardashian’s marriage problems to NBA player Lamar Odom. It’s all quite coincidental that Kris and Bruce have been apart for a year and they are just now talking about it to the media? It’s almost as if Kris was keeping this one in her back pocket until she needed the smokescreen for something else entirely.

Reportedly, Kris has been busy telling several media outlets that she and Bruce are still the best of friends and that they speak on the phone numerous times throughout the day. A source close to the situation claims that that is not at all the case.

The source said, “Don’t believe one word coming out of Kris Jenner’s mouth. She has lied to America for the past year when she constantly denied her marriage to Bruce was in trouble, and that they had split up. They already had, but she continued the lies.”

We knew that something was up when she said that Bruce was living in Malibu, even though she claimed that he was still coming home to their Calabasas home every night. The source added, “Is anybody ever going to hold her accountable for her lies? The reason the family does the reality shows is to let the public get a glimpse of their lives, but it’s all scripted and planned out in advance. When a few media outlets reported earlier this year that Kris and Bruce were finished, the Kardashian PR spin machine went into overdrive to squash the truth.”

Of course she is trying to hide the truth from everyone. She wants to mold the truth into whatever she can make it so that she can continue to spin it however she wants the world to see it. That’s how the Kardashian empire was built. It all started with a sex tape and it just grew exponentially from the time Kim said that it “leaked”. Uh huh.

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