Kris Jenner’s Sister Exposes The Kardashian Family

Kris Jenner's Sister Exposes The Kardashian Family

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian appear with their mother Kris Jenner on this week’s edition of In Touch Weekly. Inside, Kris’ sister Karen exposes all of the Kardashian family secrets! What could we possibly not know about these blatant famewhores?!?

According to Karen’s report in the magazine, Kris is a massive flirt with all of her daughters’ men. In addition to that lovely morsel, Lamar Odom was as high as a kite during last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Also, she claims that Kris has a twisted sort of relationship with O.J. Simpson. Lastly, she claims that Bruce is seeking the help of a divorce attorney.

Plus, Karen blows the lid off of who is having a baby next! Could it be Kourtney?!? We’ve heard reports that she’s been looking into having baby number three with her boyfriend Scott Disick.

Is it us or does Karen look like a version of the poor man’s Kris Jenner? Like, this is how Kris would look if she didn’t have the Jenner name or the Kardashian empire? What do you think?

TELL US: What would be shocking for you to learn about the Kardashian family? Perhaps Kourtney actually did make a sex tape? Or Khloe?

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