Kristen Stewart Angered By Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart Angered By Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has been angering his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart by apparently deciding it was okay to start dating her friends. Reportedly, the actor has been hanging out with Dakota Fanning, Riley Keough, Imogen Kerr and Katy Perry and Kristen isn’t too happy about it.

A source said, “She flipped out on his voicemail. There are thousands of girls in L.A. Why does Rob need to hook up with her friends? He’s got to stop using her circle as a dating pool.”

Other reports recently suggested that Kristen was going out of her way in order to avoid running into Rob. She reportedly skipped Chanel’s party at the Cannes Film Festival to avoid any awkward run-ins.

A source revealed, “Kristen avoided coming to Cannes until Rob had left. She does not want to party with Rob right now, he’s really hurt her. She can’t stand seeing him dating all those other girls, it’s too much to take, she loves him and unless he tells her that he wants to get back together she doesn’t want to see him — it’s too painful right now.”

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