Kristen Stewart Calls Breaking Dawn Sex Scenes Surreal

Kristen Stewart Calls Breaking Dawn Sex Scenes Surreal

Now that Breaking Dawn is merely weeks away from being released, we can expect more information about the hit vampire franchise to keep trickling out of everyone’s mouths. Kristen Stewart is no different, as she keeps leaking saucy details of the movie everyone’s been waiting for.

In her interview with Glamour UK (cover photo here), Kristen called her sex scenes with Robert Pattinson, in the movie “surreal”.

She said that the movie was a lot racier when they first shot it. She said, “We originally got rated R. They recut it. There are two big sex scenes in the two films, and we did them fairly early. It was so weird. It didn’t even feel like we were doing a scene within a Twilight film. I was like, ‘Bella! What are you doing? Wow! What is happening here?!’ It was very surreal.”

She went on to reveal that the recut scenes were better for their younger fans. She said, “[The ratings board] knows who our audience is, and can be like, ‘Hmmm guys, just cool it a little.’ It’s funny because in the book, you don’t see anything. It’s everyone’s imagination, so it’s entirely subjective. I hope it’s good!”

She added that she was nervous during the filming of the wedding scene. She said, “I had to be shrouded in secrecy the entire two days of filming. It was crazy. I was on full lockdown, as if I was wearing millions of dollars worth of diamonds, and I’m so excited for the wedding dress to be revealed. It was one of those moments you go, ‘This is something to remember’, and you want to put yourself in the experience so that it doesn’t pass you by. It ended up being great for everyone, I think.”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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