Kristen Stewart Raging At Robert Pattinson Over Taylor Lautner Kiss?

Kristen Stewart Raging At Robert Pattinson?

Surely we all thought it was pretty funny when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won the award for Best Kiss at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. He ran off the stage after telling Kristen that he didn’t feel like kissing her. He said that there was someone out there who would appreciate it more. He approached their Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner and landed a big kiss on him.

A source tells that Kristen was a little more than miffed about getting snubbed for a kiss on live television. She yelled at him backstage in the VIP area, saying, “You made me look like a total jerk out there!”

He tried to defend himself, but she raised a “talk to the hand” gesture and moved right past him. He tried again to defend himself, but she told him, “Don’t even bother.”

Afterward, he ran after her and things were smoothed out. They were later seen holding hands and giggling.

I guess we can’t say that we blame her for patching things up. She’s dating a hot vampire who’s life is totally on the upswing. What do you think? Are you still of the mind that their relationship is a publicity stunt? Or is it the real deal?

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