Kristen Stewart Talks About Growing Up With Twilight

Kristen Stewart Talks About Growing Up With Twilight

For four years, Kristen Stewart played her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight movies. Now, she has revealed how the role has changed who she is today.

In a new interview with Premiere magazine, she talked about her time on the set of the hit movies. Now that she’s all grown up, has she made any progress in her life?

She said, “When I was younger I felt things more strongly but I wasn’t always able to put it into words. I made tons of progress. In this field, every new project shapes you, helps you fight against your inhibitions little by little.”

The vampire franchise catapulted her into the international spotlight as an actress. She said, “Like every movie, Twilight made me grow up, maybe a bit faster than the other ones.”

She went on to reveal, “Seeing as I’m a natural introvery, I guess I have to compensate by playing those kinds of roles. But I’m really not against the idea of playing more weak and vulnerable characters. It would be fascinating.”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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