Kristen Stewart Wants To Be A Writer?

Kristen Stewart Wants To Be A Writer?

Is Kristen Stewart looking to become a writer? Rumor has it that Kristen is gearing up to become an author! So not only is she a young, rich, successful actress – but she wants to master the written word, as well. Would you read a book that is written by Kristen? We would, it sure would beat anything put out by Snooki. Ha.

According to reports, Kristen has been taking breaks during the filming of Snow White And The Huntsman in order to work on her manuscript. Even better, she is also seeking out the advice of her mother, Jules Stewart.

So Kristen is in the process of writing a novel and has enlisted the help of her mother to find her a publisher. Like any publisher in their right mind is going to turn that one down! We’re sure she will get offers thrown at her just because of who she is – regardless of whether or not she has any writing talent. Like we’ve said before, if Snooki can get a book deal AND on the best seller’s list, then anyone can.

A source revealed, “Kristen began by writing short stories. She has been working on her novel while filming and has almost finished it. She’s desperate to be a published writer in her own right.”

We’re wondering if Kristen will actually be able to prove herself as a publishable writer. What are your thoughts on the matter? Will you purchase a book authored by Kristen?

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