Kristen Stewart Wants To Make Robert Pattinson Jealous Of Garrett Hedlund?

Kristen Stewart Wants To Make Robert Pattinson Jealous Of Garrett Hedlund?

Robert Pattinson has been off in Toronto, Canada, filming his new movie, Cosmopolis. During his time there, he’s been partying like crazy, causing his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, to worry.

Still, she reportedly didn’t stay worried for too long — and instead, decided to get some revenge! Instead of moping around while her boyfriend has a good time elsewhere, Kristen has decided to hang out for late nights with her On The Road co-star, Garrett Hedlund!

On June 9th, Kristen hung out with Garrett until 3AM, along with Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge. She was also spotted leaving The Roxy in Hollywood, a few days later. Still, we don’t think too much can happen, considering she was out with Tom, who also happens to be Rob’s best friend.

A source said, “Kristen has been hanging out very publicly because she wants word to get back to Rob to make him jealous. It worked. He’s been calling a lot and asking why she’s with Garrett so much.”

The snitch went on to add, “But she’s just happy to be sure again that Rob loves her.”

Insecure much?

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  • G-lbachmeier

    Made up garbage.  Find something else to speculate about that isn’t about someone’s (very) private life.

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  • Arkansas

    They are both adults and have other friends.  So?

  • Meme

    Trash site with trash news. Rob partying like crazy…? I bet the source is the crazy krisbian who cyber bullying cosmopolis’s daughter. The crazy krisbian who insulted rob and try to destroy his reputation.

    • sarah

      agree, i follow teds board and this rumor has been made by crazy kristens fans there…n they have the nerve of calling him cheater when she actually has cheated on her ex-boyfriend….

  • Emma Brown

    yawn get some real news

  • sarah

    …. He is not cheating,  if he is there will be pics or tweets about him with another girl…every1 has camera phone so why no pic of him partying????? now on the other handKRISTEN STEWART has been with Garrett H alot,rumor mills are saying that after he partying withSienna Miller, Tom, and Garrett, she left in a separtatecar, and then Garret left, ahh it gets better…according to the doorman at kristens hotel Garrett went in and came out at 7 in the morning…….So talk about cheating……

  • Anonymous

    None of these people are married to anybody.  They have no vows that they are cheating on.  Kristen is very young.  Let these young people be.  Prior to marriage is the perfect time to play around. There will be no divorce as a result of these parties.  

  • karen

     Please as always leave these two alone . they are busy working so they can get some time off to spend together. I feel in my heart that they are not cheating on one another when would they have time,again just leave them be…All  you jealous,spiteful and hateful people.. Peace to you and your families. P.S. give bear a big  hug for me..

    • karen

      the peace i was sending, was to rob and kristen’s families,not to all you people who should know better.Maybe i should send prayers to you and your families,oblivious you were not brought up with respect.think about it…

  • jlc

    I love this….apparently if you are a celebrity and dating someone, you are not allowed to have ANY friends and must spend 100% of your time together.