Kristin Cavallari Has Always Loved Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari Has Always Loved Jay Cutler

The Hills actress Kristin Cavallari has revealed that even though she and fiancee Jay Cutler took some time off from their relationship, she has always loved him.

She said that Jay didn’t call off their engagement because he didn’t love her, and has become aware that they had to end things in their relationship for it to get better.

In a new interview, she said, “Sometimes, in order for things to get better, they have to end – even if it’s momentarily. And that was the case with us.”

She continued, “No one really knows what happened between the two of us, and we want to keep it that way. We broke up, and we were still talking during that whole time. We didn’t break up because of love lost. We loved each other just as much as we always did when we weren’t together.”

She said that when she does tie the knot with Jay, her former co-stars won’t be invited because she doesn’t really talk to them. She added, “I just don’t talk to these people on a regular basis. So no, they won’t be coming.”

Oh snap!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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