Kylie Jenner Threw A Fit Over Bottle Service

Kylie Jenner Threw A Fit Over Bottle Service

Kylie Jenner is only sixteen years old, but because of her famous family, she feels that she is entitled to anything and everything she wants. Apparently that includes alcohol and bottle service at a ritzy hotel. When Ms. Priss didn’t get her way, she pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” card right out of her pocket. What a lovely lesson Kris Jenner is teaching her girls. Get by on your looks, drop out of school and get whatever you want wherever you want.

On October 18th, Kylie went into the Beverly Hills hotel at around 8:30 PM with her pal Jaden Smith and some friends. A source at the hotel said that Kylie was in a “good mood”, until she requested alcohol and bottle service for herself and her young pals.

The eyewitness said that when the hotel employee told Kylie no, she said, “Do you know who I am?”

Afterward, Kylie said that the pricey hotel was “not worth her time” and promptly left the establishment. The hotel source said, “She was a complete nightmare. She started out really nice. But when she didn’t get what she wanted, it was like someone flipped a switch.”

As parents, we know that our teenage children do try and sneak alcohol, but when she actually goes to a law abiding place and demands booze because she’s rich — that’s just entitled behavior. Her parents should feel embarrassed that she acts like this in public. Kris and her ilk do not work that way and it’s likely that she will get rewarded for acting like a fool in the eyes of the public. Even People magazine is reporting this, so it’s very likely that she was very demanding of the hotel staff in order to get her way.

What do you think of this situation? More importantly, what do her parents think?

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