Lady Gaga donates Pokerface necklace for charity

Lady Gaga is auctioning the necklace made famous in her video for Pokerface and all of the proceeds will go toward the Lupus Foundation of America.

Lupus is a disease that is close to Gaga’s heart. Her aunt, Joanne, had succumbed to the disease, prompting Gaga herself to get tested. She said, “Lupus is in my family, and it is genetic.” It was found that she was borderline positive for the condition.

Look To The Stars reports:

The necklace up for auction was designed by Brian Lichtenberg. The metallic accessory will go on sale on on June 24th. The item will go to the most unique lowest bidder. Users will be asked to donate one dollar to participate in the charity auction. Be sure to log on and sign up to take your part at a chance to win a priceless item, and to help a well-worth it charity.

Donate and make a difference!

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