Lady Gaga is doing a movie?

Lady Gaga is conquering the world, one little monster at a time, so why not capitalize on all of that success? Considering that most of her music videos are like mini movies, Gaga is comfortable on set. And now, rumor has it, she wants to do a full feature movie.

MTV reports:

“Gaga is a real creative genius and is thinking about new possibilities all the time,” a source told News of the World. “She’s very excited about a movie, but she wants to do it right. She wants to work with the best people in the business.”

The singer was inspired to make the leap to the silver screen while on the set of her epic nine-minute video for Telephone. “Lady Gaga is a workaholic who loves pushing the boundaries. Straight music is never going to be enough for her,” the insider said. “If she isn’t breaking new ground and doing new things she doesn’t really feel that she is truly alive. The Telephone video was the closest thing she has done to a film and she was in her element.”

“Gaga wants to emulate what Michael Jackson did during the eighties,” they continued. “You can already see that with her music videos. Every one of them is a mini event. So it’s only logical she moves that on to the big screen.”

Will you watch???

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