Lady Gaga Is Just Like Us!

Lady Gaga Is Just Like Us!

Lady Gaga really wants us all to think that she is just like us when it comes to clothes. Sure it is, because when you mini-van moms head to Walmart for your latest fashions, you really can’t decide between which blazer you’re going to sport with which panties, right? I mean, don’t you all coordinate like she does? Ha.

She says that while her outfit might be outlandish, she doesn’t spend hours planning her outfits out. Instead, she says that she decides what to wear on the day, just like everybody else.

She said, “I don’t really view my clothes as a contest. I know it sounds quite silly but I really do wake up in the morning, just like everybody else and go, ‘Oh, I wanna wear that.'”

Then, she yells loudly to her helpful minions, “Mother Monster needs a bath!” Afterward, she insists, “DRESS ME! NOW!”

She went on to say, “It’s just that I maybe take it that bit further than everybody else does.”

She also revealed that she is “emotionally thin”, whatever that means. She said, “I learned that to be a great artist, you must be emotionally very thin. Your tears and anger and your happiness must be just under the surface of your first layer of skin. I like to say ’emotionally thin’ because it’s much more dramatic. Vulnerable to me implies only tears.”

Is she just like anyone you know?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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