Lady Gaga Performs ‘Edge Of Glory’ On ‘American Idol’ (Photo/Video)

Lady Gaga Performs 'Edge Of Glory' On 'American Idol' (Photo/Video)

Former mentor to the top four contestants on American Idol, pop star Lady Gaga took to the stage to perform her newest song, Edge Of Glory.

This is my favorite song from her newly released album, Born This Way. She started off the performance, wearing some kind of strange headwear, as per usual for Gaga.

She spent the entire performance up on a rock structure, where she sang her heart out. As the song progressed, she was joined on the rock by one of her dancers. Apparently, they were on the “edge” of something there.

They proceeded to grope each other and they laid down together. As the song concluded, they both jumped!


What did you think of the performance?

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