Lady Gaga Releases ‘Hair’ Single Cover (Photo)

Lady Gaga Releases 'Hair' Single Cover (Photo)

Pop singer Lady Gaga has unveiled her new single cover for Hair.

Along with adding the above photo to her Facebook wall, she said, “Radio 1 show was killer! The Born This Way Itunes Countdown will release my song HAIR 2moro 1pm PST.”

The album, Born This Way, is set for release on May 23rd. So far, she has debuted the title track, along with Judas and The Edge Of Glory.

Recently, the singer broke up with her boyfriend, Luc Carl. She told Graham Norton in an interview that she does not have a boyfriend and hasn’t been dating.

American Idol castoff James Durbin also talked about Gaga’s mentoring during her coaching time on the show. During the show, she got behind him and made him move his hips like Elvis Presley, but he later revealed that he didn’t like it.

He said, “It was unexpected and very uncomfortable. To sum it up in one word: awkward!”

I thought it was funny. Did you watch? Are you excited for the release of her new song? I can’t wait for the album to be released already!

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