Lady Gaga’s ‘American Idol’ Penis Shoes (Photo)

Lady Gaga's 'American Idol' Penis Shoes (Photo)

Lady Gaga was the mentor on last night’s episode of American Idol, and prior to her appearance, we told you of her risque choice of footwear. Ryan Seacrest let us in on the tip, saying that Gaga was wearing some “broadcast sensitive” shoes.

Ryan revealed that “Only Gaga can put herself into footwear that is a device of pleasure.”

Now, we’ve obtained a photo of the sexy shoes so you can see what the Idol producers and advertisers didn’t want you to see! Click after the jump to see the shoes, which were made by Void Of Course and run over $4,000 just for one pair! Check them out!

Lady Gaga's 'American Idol' Penis Shoes (Photo)

Lady Gaga is always pushing the boundaries, isn’t she???

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