Lady Gaga’s Twitter hacked?

91110X3_GAGA_B-GR_02Apparently, someone has hacked into Lady Gaga’s Twitter account. With messages post such as “GAGA PEECE FOR LYFE!!!”, “I swear my dick is not as big as T33TH’S!!!! POPWRLDSUCKZ!!! PUNX UNITE!!!! <3" and "<3 <3 <3 @T3ETH NXT TIME REALNESS PIC A BETTER PASSWORD!!!! PVNKS UNITE!!!", we're thinking that she's the latest victim of the uncreative Twitter hacker. More, after the jump!

Britney Spears’ Twitter account was recently hacked, as well, with the hacker claiming that Britney had an affinity for the devil. Now, the Gaga impersonator is just boring. Come on people, if you’re going to go through the trouble of hacking someone’s account, please at least be creative.

Case in point:


That’s all you got???

Update: Apparently this has amused Lady Gaga, who updated her Twitter page with this today:

Seems as though my twitter was hacked yesterday. I could be angry, except I secretly love how psychotically smart my fans are.

Here’s another take on the story….

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