Liam Hemsworth Concerned About Miley Cyrus’ Partying?

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth’s star is on the rise as he shoots to superstardom in The Hunger Games. But apparently he’s got another thing on his mind — his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus’ partying ways.

Miley has been the talk of the town with how she goes out and parties hard and it has become quite the concern for Liam.

A source revealed to Us Weekly, “She gets pretty crazy. She’s always out in skimpy outfits and writhing on Liam…Sometimes he looks embarrassed for her.”

Another spy said that Liam loves Miley’s “fun loving side”, but said that “he gets concerned too.”

Are things on a downward slope for Miley and Liam’s young relationship?

The source added that Liam often feels as if he is babysitting his famous Disney star girlfriend while they hang out together. The spy said, “Liam’s always looking after her.”

Is it just a phase that she’s going through? Or is Miley really this hard partying girl that no one can say no to? What do you think? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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