Liam Hemsworth Isn’t Over Miley Cyrus?

Liam Hemsworth Isn't Over Miley Cyrus?

According to the latest gossip, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth can’t seem to get over his ties to former girlfriend Miley Cyrus. In his defense, they’d dated for four years and were engaged. Despite that, he didn’t seem to mind hooking up with another girl so soon after he and Miley called it quits. Where’s the logic there?

Now, it appears that Liam can’t stop talking about Miley and is said to be struggling to get past their breakup. In fact, it’s said to be driving Liam’s older brother Chris (THOR!) crazy. A source said, “Every time Liam speaks to Chris, he asks if he’s seen the twerking queen’s video or listened to her album, then babbles on how much Miley has changed.”

The source went on to say, “Chris finally blew his stack and ordered Liam never to mention her name again!”

It has even been reported that Miley has been calling Liam in the wee hours of the morning. The snitch said, “She’s still very hung up on him but she’s not writing him letters begging for him back. The worst she’s done is call him late at night when she gets emotional. She’s in a lot of pain still over this breakup so she’s had a few weak moments but she always regrets it the next day.”

The spy added, “The random hook-ups happen when she’s been partying. She’s trying to get over Liam and her coping skills are not the greatest so she’s partying the pain away.”

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