Liam Hemsworth jealous of Miley Cyrus’ stage performances?

Reportedly, Miley Cyrus’ Australian boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, is jealous that crowds of people get to see his girlfriend dance around a stage in next to nothing.

Betty Confidential reports:

Despite airport affection, Liam Hemsworth is not thrilled with Miley’s displays on stage. “He’s jealous,” a source tells BettyConfidential. “He knows it’s part of her act, but he’s not thrilled that guys in the audience are seeing his girlfriend dressed in lingerie.”

Miley’s hot boyfriend’s heart starts to palpitate whenever she has a performance. “Every time she goes on stage he doesn’t know what she’s going to do and it drives him crazy to see these guys go crazy over her,” our source adds. “They argue about it a lot. She told him, it’s all part of the act, but it just doesn’t sit well with him. He’s become so jealous that now he’s joining her on the road.” Could this be a style cramper for the teenie bopper?

“He wants to make sure that once she leaves the stage it’s all about him and not anybody else, our source adds. “Miley was raised in the business and has a lot of money, but no control.”

Do you think it’s true?

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