Liam Hemsworth to babysit Miley Cyrus?

Even though there were rumors stating that Miley Cyrus broke things off with her Australian boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, she came out to say that they were still together. Sources have revealed that she may have had a little bit of help with getting back together with him.

Celebitchy reports:

Miley Cyrus’ father Billy Ray has begged Liam Hemsworth to move back in with Miley – because Billy Ray thinks his out-of-control 17-year-old daughter needs a babysitter!

Billy Ray initially disapproved when Miley moved 20-year-old Liam into her LA home, but after her latest shocking antics, he’s reconsidered.

In the most recent months, Miley has gotten her ear tattoo’d, gone without undies and has been shaking her moneymaker wherever she can get away with it. And what about that lap dancing video? I guess she really can’t be tamed…

A source said, “Some of this was calculated. But there’s no denying Miley’s got a wild streak. But now Billy Ray sees that Miley needs all the supervision possible, and he’s begged Liam to go back to Miley…he’s at his wit’s end as to how rein her in.”

Billy Ray and Tish see that Liam has calmed her down a bit. Billy Ray was said to be relieved when Liam moved back in with her.

What he really needs to do is lay the parental smackdown on her already. She’s not 18 yet and he should still try to maintain some level of control over her craziness. It seems that her parents have been asleep at the wheel here.

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