Liam Hemsworth To Miley Cyrus: Let’s Have Babies

Liam Hemsworth To Miley Cyrus: Let's Have Babies

Is “The Hunger Games” actor Liam Hemsworth ready to be a father at the young age of only 22-years-old? Apparently so, if the latest Hollywood rumors are to be believed. According to the gossip, Liam wants to have a baby with his 19-year-old girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

They haven’t even began planning their wedding yet, but the rumors of his want of a baby are piling up. A source close to the former Disney star said, “She told Liam, ‘Don’t even think about having kids for at least five years – I’ve worked way too hard for this body!'”

Can you blame her? Miley’s been hitting the gym a lot lately and is still actually still a bit young to think about having kids. She’s got her whole life ahead of her, so why not take her time and make sure everything is in order?

Liam made things worse by setting eyes on his niece a couple of weeks ago. He told Miley, “I want us to have a baby now.” Miley isn’t feeling the whole baby vibe and told him, “NO WAY. We’ve already discussed this. It ain’t gonna happen now. End of conversation.”

Do you think Liam Hemsworth already has baby fever? Will Miley Cyrus end up caving in to what Liam wants?

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