Life & Style Magazine: Amal Alamuddin Pregnant By George Clooney

Life & Style Magazine: Amal Alamuddin Pregnant By George Clooney

Basically “Life & Style” magazine is all out of ideas — because they are merely copying a story on Amal Alamuddin being pregnant by George Clooney from a July 2nd “OK!” magazine article. Real journalism is so hard, folks. So hard, in fact, that the tabloids don’t recommend it at all. Instead, they just rehash each other’s stories ad nauseam.

“Life & Style” chose the picture that makes Alamuddin look a wee bit pregnant — but it’s even more likely that her dress was merely billowing in the wind. Apparently that doesn’t make for a good cover story, so the magazine ran with the pregnancy bit.

The tabloid states that her being pregnant is the reason behind their rush rush wedding. We are only surprised by the fact that the magazine failed to Photoshop her hand on her belly like they’ve done with Jennifer Aniston in the past.

As you may have heard in the past, George has already said that he never wanted to be anyone’s father — so we are curious if she really is pregnant or not. Either way, congrats if she’s expecting their baby and if she’s not, then “Life & Style” basically called her fat — so they owe her an apology.

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