Life & Style Magazine: Angelina Jolie Obsessed With Dieting (Photo)

Life & Style Magazine: Angelina Jolie Obsessed With Dieting (Photo)

After seemingly printing way too many stories on the “love triangle” that doesn’t exist between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, Life & Style magazine is taking a new approach. Now they’re claiming that Angelina is obsessed with dieting. Of course she is. (Not.)

Tabloids only really have a few angles that they like to take with celebrities and couples. If they’re married or attached, then the weeklies can claim “divorce”, “problems in their marriage” or “counseling”. If they’re single, then it’s all about “babies!” and “adoptions”. It’s all about weight issues now that we’ve gotten into September….and who’s really surprised by this? I mean, besides Angelina, who’s only learning now that she’s obsessed with dieting.

According to them, “Brad begs Angie to eat as the frail star drops to her lowest weight ever.” Oh noes. She’s a naturally thin woman, get over it. They also make it seem like she has some “dangerous tricks” for not feeling hungry.

Also in this issue, it appears the only one happy is Kim Kardashian, who pimped out her wedding to the rag. Other stories feature Rebecca Gayheart and her husband Eric Dane leading “separate lives”, along with LeAnn Rimes, who they say is starving to keep her man. Others featured include Katie Holmes, who thinks she’s too fat to make it in Hollywood and Taylor Armstrong, who’s “barely eating.”

I can understand the Taylor Armstrong story, as we all deal with loss differently….but the rest is BS, don’t you think? All for the love of magazine sales…of course.

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