Life & Style Magazine: Jay-Z And Beyonce Going Through A $1 Billion Divorce

Life & Style Magazine: Jay-Z And Beyonce Going Through A $1 Billion Divorce

“Life & Style” magazine reports that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are going through a divorce worth $1 billion! Could you imagine being the attorneys involved with that mess?

We all know about the drama that went down between Jay-Z and Bey’s sister Solange, so you would think that the tabloid would figure out that they have all reconciled their differences already.

It’s not rocket science for them to discover that a divorce is highly unlikely, considering the fact that the married lovebirds are also going on tour together this year. We have also heard reports stating that Solange is planning on opening up the show to the tune of $8 million, so that would be an immensely awkward tour for all involved if the two main acts are divorcing, don’t you think?

The magazine also claims to have some insider information on Jay’s nights out with other women. There have also apparently been fights that have included some insane jealousy. We’re guessing that if there is any jealousy on this couple’s part, it would have to be on the part of Jay-Z being jealous of Beyonce’s flirtations with other men. Who would seriously be jealous of Jay’s dealings with other women? Beyonce is beautiful, rich and has talent — and not a lot of women can say that.

In addition, we are going to speculate that the magazine’s entire “divorce” story is based on the fact that she had her tattoo removed from her wedding ring finger. Just because she had that lasered off doesn’t mean that they are calling it quits. When they announce that they are calling it quits for good, then we will take stock in that statement — but not a moment sooner.

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