Life & Style Magazine: Miley Cyrus Overdosed On Drugs (PHOTO)

Life & Style Magazine: Miley Cyrus Overdosed On Drugs (PHOTO)

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is featured on the cover of the newest issue of “Life & Style” magazine. This week’s cover claims that the tabloid spoke to several of Miley’s friends who said that she was hospitalized in Kansas due to a drug overdose.

As you may already know, Miley opened up to Ryan Seacrest about her hospitalization. She said that she was miserable during her stay in the hospital and that she suffered an allergic reaction to antibiotics that she was taking for her flu-like symptoms. Now, she is all better, but called the experience “scary”.

The magazine claims that a deadly binge left Miley unconscious for hours before she was even hospitalized. In addition, the tabloid says her close friends are now terrified because she is refusing to get help. Others have referred to her time in the hospital as a sort of detoxification, but she laid those claims to rest on her official Twitter account. She told her detractors to leave her alone so that she could have time to heal.

Should “Life & Style” magazine be expecting a lawsuit anytime soon from Miley’s camp? Perhaps some of those “eyewitnesses” have actual names and accounts of these “wild parties” that Miley has?

Also featured in this issue, Kim Kardashian apparently cheated on her fiance Kanye West — but with whom? The magazine does not state who Kim was cheating with, but if it’s true, then it surely won’t bode well for the state of their upcoming marriage.

In a feature on Tori Spelling, the tabloid claims that the reality TV actress is getting tough and has confronted Dean McDermott’s mistress. What could she possibly say to Emily Goodhand that would make Tori feel any better about the situation?

Robin Thicke also gets a side feature in that the magazine claims that since he separated from his wife Paula Patton, he has had five women in one night.

What do you think of this issue? Will you pick it up to check out the inside news?

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