Life&Style magazine: Two Kardashian weddings!

Life&Style magazine: Two Kardashian weddings!

Life&Style magazine wants us to believe now that Khloe Kardashian has tied the knot, they’re covering their Kardashian quota by going for the remaining Kardashian sisters!

Apparently, Kim and Kourtney are gearing up to tie the knot, that is, if this cover is anything to be believed. I’m seriously surprised that they didn’t go for the “Baby” cover for the two sisters.

Like, “OMG Pregnant Sisters!” — See, we’re giving them ideas!

And the cover says, “Why Kourtney said yes to Scott” — we know why, it’s because of a reality spinoff show. The funny thing is that they’re already planning to marry Kim off to her boyfriend, Kris Humphries. They must have really taken that baby tweet seriously!

What do you think?

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