Lily Allen not in America?

Reports have been flying around recently that British pop star Lily Allen had her U.S. Visa revoked and is not allowed in the country due to attacking a photographer.

At least that’s what we assume. Lily Allen’s US work visa was canceled after she flew into Los Angeles airport to help launch this year’s MTV music awards. It’s thought that Lily’s American ban stems from the assault arrest she received in June, although it could just be that the immigration employee working at LAX upon Lily Allen’s arrival was a super-huge fan of Cheryl Cole out of Girls Aloud and decided to chuck Lily out of the country for calling her a bitch once.

Other reports are saying that she has called this “rubbish”:

Her manager Neale Easterby also confirms Allen’s September gigs in America will go ahead as planned. He adds, “She’s in Las Vegas right now. She will be there until Thursday shooting a video with Common and Kanye West for Common’s track ‘Drivin’ Me Wild.'”

Well, here’s hoping that she’s allowed to stick around. Now, I must go listen to “Smile” again….sheesh…

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