Lily Allen thinks British tabloids are sexist

Lily Allen is blasting British tabloids for being sexist stating that Amy Winehouse, Kelly Osbourne, and her faces are plastered on the papers after nights out partying, but male stars aren’t treated the same way.

Anyone want to give Lily a little privacy so that she can party until the break of dawn without anyone knowing?

No? Didn’t think so.

She says, “I don’t think (the tabloids) like young women doing well, or having fun. I mean, James Blunt goes out and gets on it and no one cares. We do that and it’s all over the papers. It’s sad. Those people who write for those gossip magazines, they’re not even writers. They can’t even punctuate.”

I beg to differ. I can punctuate. I’m not British either. Then again, I’ll publish anything and everything music or celebrity related.

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