Lindsay Lohan And The Infamous Instagram Fail

Lindsay Lohan And The Infamous Instagram Fail

We all know the dangers of posting something online – especially something not in our native language with the risk of being wrong and not saying what we think it says. Actress, Lindsay Lohan had a slip up, very similar on Tuesday. Which of course, went viral (because what doesn’t these days?). Luckily, it was hilarious.

On Tuesday, Lohan posted a photo onto her Instagram account for her 3.5 million followers to see and be inspired by. The Arabic phrase posted she thought that meant to say, “You’re Beautiful” a touching sentiment, actually read, “You’re a Donkey”.

No I’m not kidding.

“You’re Beautiful” and “You’re a donkey” although not even relatively close is an easy mistake to make when the writing you’re posting isn’t in your native tongue. I expect her Instagram followers were a bit confused by the message she was putting across – no doubt some of the hard core fans thinking, “You’re right. I am a donkey”. Lohan quickly deleted the image when she realized her mistake but of course, you cannot beat the power and speed of the internet and the image had already been screen shot – probably thousands of times – by fans and followers to share with the world.

The slip unfortunately didn’t dis-encourage Lohan and she proceeded to post things in other languages including a vintage photo of her grandparents with a caption written in French and Italian. Luckily the actress didn’t seem embarrassed by her mistake but considering her past antics… Why would she be?

But this isn’t the only social media fail the actress has suffered in the last month. She was accused of photoshopping a photo she took in Paris where followers were pointing out which parts were photoshopped. A rep of Lindsays had to confirm shortly after that the actress had not tampered with any of her photos. When will the masses give this girl a break?

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