Lindsay Lohan considers PETA deal for rehab payment

As we’ve previously reported, Lindsay Lohan is having a bit of financial difficulties and is seeking a sponsor for her treatment at the Betty Ford Center. Since, she has been offered a job at a porn company, as well as an offer from PETA to go meat-free for an entire year.

According to the offer, they will give her $10,000 if she stays meat-free during her stay at the facility, but if she makes it for an entire year, they will double it. Lindsay is reportedly giving the offer some serious consideration.

A source close to Lindsay said, “Lindsay is seriously considering the offer from PETA. There is thoughtful consideration about PETA’s very generous offer. Lindsay loves animals, and looks at it as a ‘win-win’ since being a vegetarian is a healthier lifestyle that is striving for.

Should she do it? If she’s in need of the money, it’s an honest way to make it. Just a small change to her diet and she’s good to go!

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