Lindsay Lohan Could Lose Storage Locker Over $16,000 Bill

Lindsay Lohan Could Lose Storage Locker Over $16,000 Bill

Lindsay Lohan could actually lose all of the items in her storage locker if she doesn’t cough up the $16,000 owed to the storage company. She has massive debt, doesn’t she?

She has already had the IRS breathing down her neck for the $133,000 she owes them. Charlie Sheen tried to be a friend and cut her a check for $100,000 — but he didn’t even get a thank you from the actress. Now, we’ve learned that her potentially embarrassing items could be exposed to the public if she doesn’t pay up!

Reportedly, she has been asking her friends and family to give her the money to make sure her storage unit doesn’t go up for auction, but no one is biting. And why should they? She can’t even thank someone for a hefty check for $100,000, then why should anyone give her $16,000?!? She is definitely self-entitled and ungrateful. Do you think anyone should have to step up and pay her bills? Surely she is making money, but where in the world is it going?

The items in the storage unit are said to contain family heirlooms, designer clothing and some potentially embarrassing stuff.

She has more than just a handful of problems with her financial and legal issues. Surely, she could use a class in financial responsibility….?

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