Lindsay Lohan Defended By Grant Bowler

Lindsay Lohan Defended By Grant Bowler

Lindsay Lohan is being defended by her “Liz & Dick” co-star Grant Bowler after the L.A. Times came out with a report stating how much of a pain in the butt she was to work with on the set of her latest movie “The Canyons”. The report talked of how she was always late to filming and how she gave the producers a hard time.

It didn’t help Lindsay’s case that she was recorded cursing her co-star James Deen. So obviously we know how much of a self-entitled brat she is. Now, her former co-star is speaking up in her defense.

Grant has previously said that working with Lindsay involved “exercises in patience and tolerance”, but he is saying that she never treated him poorly. He revealed in a new interview, “I never got yelled at. We had a lot of quiet and intense conversations. We didn’t have that relationship at all. To be completely fair to Lindsay, that did not happen. She didn’t threaten me at all.”

He went on to say, ” We had a lot of quiet, serious conversations about characters and we worked very, very hard. And we both ensured that when we came to set, we came to set very, very serious. That’s the God’s honest truth.”

With regard to her crazy personal life, he added, “My experience with any actor is from action to cut, everything else is none of my business.”

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