Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Like Cocaine; Prefers Ecstasy

In a recent interview, rehabbing actress Lindsay Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan for an interview. In said interview, she spoke of her favorite drug (hint: it’s not Cocaine!) and talked about rehab.

Lindsay told Piers that she doesn’t believe that she has a problem with drugs or alcohol and that rehab is basically pointless. Of course she would say that she doesn’t have a problem, right?

In the interview, she said that she received advice on drinking alcohol and maintaining control over that from none other than Heath Ledger. He advised her to give up drinking for an entire year and that she has had no issues with that. In addition, she said that she hasn’t taken any non-prescription drugs in an entire year. Uh huh.

She also said that she has only used cocaine “maybe four or five times in my life” and that ecstasy is her drug of choice. She said that she doesn’t feel that she needs to be in rehab on lockdown for three months. Contradictory to what she just said, however, she revealed that rehab would be good for her so that she could just be by herself.

Are you buying any of this nonsense? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!

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