Lindsay Lohan Films Commercial Under House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan Films Commercial Under House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan is still being confined to her home for house arrest, but a girl has to pay her bills, right?

She’s already been photographed throwing a party on the rooftop of her Venice pad, but Lindsay still has a few tricks up her sleeve to come out of all of this smelling like a rose. If roses smell like money, of course.

Earlier this month, the rehabbed actress shot a commercial at her house. She did an advertisement for and was initially offered $25,000 for the spot. Reportedly, she turned down that offer and reached an agreement for an undisclosed sum of money.

Lindsay must think she’s hot stuff to try and jack up the prices on her appearances now that she’s under house arrest. Twenty-five grand is a lot of money for someone who can’t leave their house to make any other kind of money. But still, Lindsay thinks she’s a hot commodity and people are willing to shell out the dough for her.

Besides, would have just been another countless domain name out there, but now that Lindsay has attached her name to it, we now know that it’s a penny auction site.

You’re welcome for that little tidbit of useless information.

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