Lindsay Lohan Found A Job!

Lindsay Lohan Found A Job!

Hey, if Lindsay Lohan can find a job in this craptastic economy, then you’re good to go. This is a girl who doesn’t throw drinks at photographers and DOESN’T fall out of clubs drunk, so why shouldn’t people be clamoring to hire her for the most prestigious jobs out there? Heck, she’s a model freakin’ citizen, this one.

Instead of blathering on about her social escapades (yes, that’s what we’re calling them now), we’ll tell you about her work now. Apparently, a fashion line has hired Lindsay to represent their brand.

Reportedly, she has become the new face of Philipp Plein’s latest line of clothing. He released a statement about the venture, saying, “Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality.”

Umm…don’t you mean “was”?

Back to the dirt. Last thing we heard about Lindsay, she was said to be in a confrontation with Vikram Chatwal’s wife. Ha. She said that they are just friends, but they were rumored to have shared a kiss. Yes, someone actually touched Lindsay’s duck lips. Alert the press.

Oh, wait.

Update: You can look at the pictures of this hot mess HERE.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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