Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler: First Official Photo As ‘Liz And Dick’

Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler: First Official Photo As 'Liz And Dick'

As you already know, Lindsay Lohan is set to crap all over the memory of Elizabeth Taylor for her portrayal as the screen legend in Lifetime’s new movie, “Liz And Dick”. Now, we’ve got the first photo showing Lindsay as Liz and “True Blood” actor Grant Bowler as Richard Burton.

We are still of the mind that Lindsay bears no resemblance whatsoever to Elizabeth Taylor, so we can’t fathom any good reason why Lifetime would choose her for the role. Heck, her sister Ali could have probably pulled off the role better.

Still, we can’t argue much, it’s not like it’s some big Hollywood production or anything. It’s Lifetime. She was probably all they could afford.

Are you looking forward to seeing Lindsay’s “big comeback”? Or do think this will be one huge ball of FAIL?

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