Lindsay Lohan Hooking Up With Gerard Butler?

Lindsay Lohan Hooking Up With Gerard Butler?

Has Lindsay Lohan been secretly hooking up with Gerard Butler? That seems to be the gossip that’s going around about the rehabbed actress and actor. Reportedly, the two are enjoying a fling together. Interesting!

I don’t know who that situation would be worse for — him or her?

She’s trying to revamp her career with a role as Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie, and meanwhile, he has just checked himself out of the Betty Ford Center after being in rehab for a pill addiction. Perhaps it is a match made in Heaven?

Reportedly, Lindsay and Gerard were seen canoodling at the Chateau Marmont where she is currently living last week. They were said to be very touchy feely with each other as they spoke.

A source said, “The two were laughing and telling jokes, and Butler kept his hands on both sides of her chair as he leaned in close to talk. She was soaking up the attention and even asked him to come closer so she could whisper in his ear.”

Do you think they are really dating? I have to wonder what it was that she whispered in his ear? Perhaps her room number? What do you think?

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