Lindsay Lohan is a passionate role model & mentor

I could almost type out that entire title without bursting into hysterics. Apparently, some of the people who are in rehab at UCLA with Lindsay Lohan are so messed up that they consider her a role model and a mentor. What?

According to TMZ:

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ …. she’s “passionate” about mentoring some of the troubled girls she’s met in rehab. Lindsay has taken a genuine liking to the girls — writing them inspirational notes and giving them advice. Ironic, we know.

As for life in rehab, one source close to Lindsay describes it as “full-on ‘Girl, Interrupted’.” We’re told Lindsay gets no special treatment — if anything, nurses are harder on her to show they’re not playing favorites.

LiLo doesn’t have a window in her room and she can’t change the channels on her TV because it’s behind glass.

Who knew?!?

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