Lindsay Lohan is broke

In addition to her recent failed drug tests, we’ve learned that Lindsay Lohan is also nursing some financial difficulties. What that means, basically, is that she’s as broke as a joke. No kidding.

Poor Lindsay. She is just now realizing that drugs can get you into heaps and mounds of trouble. She has already taken responsibility for her actions, but it may be too late.

She is on probation for her DUI case and since testing positive for cocaine and some other unknown drug, she has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous classes. Her father remains astute in his belief that if he were a part of her life, none of this would have happened.

Radar Online reports that Lindsay is all tapped out:

A source said, “Lindsay is in serious trouble financially. Dina is struggling to make ends meet and pay Lindsay’s lawyers and this latest development doesn’t help things. Everyone thinks the Lohan family is so well-off, but if they knew the truth, it would be shocking.”

Interesting. Do you know what they do with poor people who have drug habits? They send them to jail, that’s what.

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