Lindsay Lohan is considering jail time

Lindsay Lohan is considering jail time

Lindsay Lohan has a tough decision in front of her — to choose a shorter sentence in jail or to go to trial in her jewelry theft case — and risk even more time in the slammer!

According to reports, Lindsay is finally getting it in her head that she can’t avoid jail time in her case and is considering taking a plea deal. If she does take the plea deal, she will get an assured three months, but that would likely be decreased dramatically due to overcrowding.

TMZ has the scoop:

Lindsay has been adamant for weeks … she would never take a plea deal because she feels she did nothing wrong. Sources close to Lindsay tell us she still maintains her innocence … but reality is starting to sink in and Lindsay is beginning to understand the risks of going forward with a trial.

If she loses at trial, she could get more than a year in jail for the probation violation … plus prison time for the felony grand theft.

If Lindsay accepts the deal, Holley must tell the judge on Wednesday. Lindsay will be back in court Friday to either take a plea or declare war.

What do you think she should do?

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